Come share your favorite song with me and the world.

The format of the show is one or two people performing a cover of someone else’s song, whether singing it or playing it. After the performance, I talk with the guest about the song and why they chose it.

This is not a binding contract! If you change your mind about what song you want to do or whether you want accompaniment, that’s perfectly alright.

A few examples of different styles.

A capella
(Leah Reich, Ep. 1)

Accompanied by me on guitar
(Keri Maijala, Ep. 7)

Accompanied by a friend on bass
(Candace Magaña, Ep. 21)

Self-accompanied on guitar
(Jesse Atkinson, Ep. 35)

Self-accompanied on keyboard
(Katya Lopez, Ep. 16)

    Tell me both artist and song title. If you’re still choosing between a few, list them all.

    Will you be singing or playing an instrument?
    Do you want David to accompany you on guitar?